President Ms. Amy Chen Was Invited To Participate in APEC Online Forum


On August 12, 2021 at 7:00 pm Beijing time, the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) hosted an online forum on the theme of "Joint Workshop on Business Integrity in Asia Pacific". Ms. Amy Chen, Chairman of Hunan Arshine Group, was invited by the organizer to participate in this forum as the only invited private entrepreneur representative from China via video link, and had an in-depth exchange with senior government officials and representatives of large multinational enterprises from many economies around the world. During the forum, Ms. Chen expressed her views on "How to deal with corruption risk and future integrity crisis prevention for Chinese SMEs under the epidemic".


In this forum, Ms. Chen said that the new coronavirus epidemic has broken the original development rhythm of enterprises on the one hand, and raised higher requirements for enterprises to improve their core competitiveness to win the market on the other. Under the influence of the epidemic, the performance ability of enterprises decreases, and the business competition becomes more and more intense. Some enterprises may adopt some improper business methods in order to survive, to get more resources and better prices, and to fight for more orders. Such enterprises must not be able to operate for a long time.

We should improve product quality, service level and other comprehensive advantages to win the market competition, in order to facilitate the long-term development of enterprises, rather than rely on short-term means such as bribery. At the same time, the enterprise should establish an internal integrity risk prevention system, the integrity culture and corporate culture combined to lead the enterprise and employees have the right values.

In recent years, China, along with other countries around the world, has continued to increase its efforts to combat corruption.

Next, Arshine Group will further cultivate the international market, continue to advocate China's good products and services to the international stage, increase the development and development of the domestic market, improve the integrity risk prevention system, and take up the historical mission that private enterprises should undertake!