Arshine weekly market information sharing for main API & Vitamins (Dec.19th, 2018)


Dear Arshine Customers,


Many thanks for your interests in our market information sharing! This week, in the vitamin market,the prices of feed grade VA, VE continue to be firm. Vitamin B12 droped to very low price level now if any urgent needs for production suggest can consider purchasing. In the API market, the albendazole factory resumed production and prices rising.


Tips: Due to the impact of blizzard weather, most cities in China such as Shanghai and Hunan will be shut down in logistics from January 18, 2019, and Hebei will be shut down from January 12, and logistics will be shut down from January 13 in Beijing and other places. If you have any requirements, it is recommended that you stock up in advance and try to place an order before the end of December to catch up with the mid-January transshipment so that avoid the impact of logistics outages.


Lincomycin hcl, history lowest level, good time to preppare qty now!


Based on the principle of “Earnest and sincere cooperation, and win-win future”, we Arshine Pharma would like to share the changes of China's domestic APIs with our valued customers. And the market and industry information will be shared from time to time.


Thank you for reading this market information sincerely. And we also hope that you can purchase the goods you needed.


We wish you a smooth work and prosperous business.


Arshine Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Tuesday Dec. 18th, 2018