Arshine Group 2020 Semi-Annual Summary and Commendation Conference


In the first half of 2020, the Sino-US trade frictions, the resurgence of global trade protectionism, and the continued continuation of the new crown epidemic, global economic and trade growth are facing severe challenges. The biggest impact on the foreign trade situation this year is the epidemic. From the national level, it tests the governance capabilities and governance systems of each country. It reflects the competition of different values between countries. The character embodied in the Chinese people’s fight against the ‘epidemic’ this time has greatly reflected the Chinese’s self-confidence in value and cultural confidence. From the company level, what is tested is a company's decision-making ability and anti-risk ability in the face of changes. It also has the company's cultural heritage and team spirit. As a trading company in the health API industry, Arshine is unavoidably affected by the complicated external environment and changes in conditions. And Arshine people use actions to interpret what "opportunities and challenges coexist, and there is a turning point in the crisis."

In the past six months, Arshine Group’s signed sales increased by 36.4% year-on-year, and shipment volume increased by 25.99% year-on-year.

Tribute to Arshine family:

In the first half of the struggle, we have achieved fruitful results. In the short term in the future, the general environment will not be swayed by you and me. Riding the wind and waves is still our attitude of struggle;

Arshiner who are willing to work hard, we will not leave what we should and want to do to the distant future. We are used to and like to grasp the present, with dreams, shoulder missions, and embark on a new journey. In the second half of the year, let us continue to ride the wind and waves and ride on the momentum!