The main clinical application of carbapirin calcium in livestock and poultry


I. Antipyretic effect

● Carbapenem calcium can reduce fever, but it does not lower normal body temperature after use.

It mainly acts on the hypothalamic thermoregulatory center, causing peripheral vasodilation, increased blood flow to the skin, and increased heat dissipation and cooling.

II. Anti-inflammatory effect

●It can improve the symptoms of redness, swelling and heat in the inflammatory process.

●It can inhibit the antigen-antibody conjugate reaction in metaplasia and reduce inflammatory exudation.

III. Analgesic effect

● Its analgesic mechanism may belong to peripheral analgesia.

● It has good effect on neuralgia, arthralgia and muscle pain.

For poultry.

Especially for broiler chickens, the clinical symptoms of fever, lameness and arthritis-type diseases are very widespread.

● Typical infectious diseases such as chicken infectious bursal disease, chicken infectious bronchitis, E. coli disease caused by enlarged kidneys and urate deposition.

● High fever, mental commiseration, coughing and respiratory difficulties in chickens caused by avian influenza.

● Arthritis-type clinical features, inflammation and swelling of foot and wing joints, lameness, etc. caused by chicken staphylococcosis, avian ventilation, etc.

For pigs.

①When pigs are sick in large groups, such as foot-and-mouth disease, swine fever, influenza, blue ear disease, etc., they cannot be injected one by one, and the injection for foot-and-mouth disease is likely to myocarditis hurt pigs; so it is very convenient to drink water with calcium carbapenem.

②The effect is also very good for pigs with limb and hoof disease, because pigs with strong inflammation will have leg pain, and calcium carbapenem can reduce inflammation and pain, so it is also a very good choice.

③Some diseases with low fever, such as coughing and wheezing or mycotoxin, just mix with calcium carbapenem, which will be more convenient; only when pigs don't eat we choose to drink water.

④Adding calcium carbapenem in drinking water can effectively relieve the symptoms such as fever and joint pain brought by influenza to pigs, and then mix with [amoxicillin + live anti + bacteriophage deciduous plus], usually about five days to gradually recover.