CAS number: 96829-58-2

Molecular formula: C29H53NO5

molecular weight: 495.7348

Chemical structure:


Be Slim! Be Stunning! Be Spirited! Be with Orlistat!

Obesity treatment that does not act on the central nervous system.

1. Superior Quality

①. Starts from microbial fermentation, inherited from the original technology, and the source of products is more reliable and credible.

②. The purification process is exceedingly advanced, with higher contents, fewer impurities and lesser side effects.

③. Managed by the experienced team that studied in the USA, and there is a quality management system (QMS) with FDA gene inside.

2.Standard and Certification  

   USP Standard

   GMP Manufacturer

   Integrated DMF

3. Specification

    99% API, 50% Pellet

    Certificate of Analysis for Orlistat.


4. Agent and Cooperation

   FDA-approved OTC, best-seller ever, well-regarded products.

   Internationally recognized, classic weight-loss drug, with less side effects and prominent slimming effects.

   We are looking for the worldwide partners, agents and distributors.

   Together, we can make a difference.