Rosuvastatin Calcium

CAS number: 147098-20-2

Molecular formula: C44H54CaF2N6O12S2

molecular weight: 1001.14

Chemical structure:

Sr No.TestSpecificationResult
1AppearanceA off- white or cremish white crystalline powderA white powder
2SolubilitySoluble in 100 parts of N,N- dimethyl formamideComplies
3IdentificationTo comply the test A and BComplies
4Related Substances
Single impurityNMT 0.5 %Complies
Total ImpuritiesNMT 1.2 %Complies
5WaterNMT 8.0 %1.29%
6Assay ( By HPLC )98.0 % to 102.0 % ( anhydrous substances)99.89%