CAS number: 68786-66-3

Molecular formula: C14H9Cl3N2OS

molecular weight: 359.66

Chemical structure:

1DescriptionOff White to light brown color crystalline or amorphous powderOff white color amorphous powder
2Solubility0.2 gms sample is soluble in 25 ml absolute alcohol.Complies
3Identification by

a. By UVUV absorption spectrum exhibits maxima only at the same wavelength   as that of a similar preparation of Triclabendazole Working Standard.Complies

b. TLCThe Intensity of the principle band obtained from test solution   corresponds to that obtained from the standard solution by TLCComplies
4Melting Range170.0 – 178.0⁰C173.4 – 175.1⁰C
5Moisture Content by KFRNot more than 1.0% w/w %0.38% w/w
6Sulphated AshNot more than 0.20% w/w0.07% w/w
7Related Substances by HPLCIndividual Impurity NMT 1.0%
    Total Impurities NMT 1.5%
8Assay by HPLCNot less than 98.0% w/w and NMT 102.0% w/w On anhydrous basis.99.20% w/w